Embark on Your Free Crypto Journey

No upfront investment. Earn, trade, and thrive in the crypto world with Cashtree Token (CTT).

  • Welcome to the Crypto Gateway

    Discover CTT, your free ticket to the vibrant world of cryptocurrency, all within the Cashtree app.

    Welcome to the Crypto Gateway
  • Earn Without Investment

    Engage with the Cashtree app, accomplish tasks, and earn CTT - no investment necessary.

    Earn Without Investment
  • CTT - Your Key to Crypto Ecosystem

    CTT isn’t just a token; it’s your access pass to a world of cryptos, NFTs, and much more.

    CTT - Your Key to Crypto Ecosystem
  • Cashtree App: The Crypto Launchpad

    Start your crypto journey risk-free. Enter the on-chain world, explore NFTs, trade with CTT!

    Cashtree App: The Crypto Launchpad
  • CTT Earnings Made Simple

    CTT Earnings Made Simple

    Participate in app activities and earn CTT, all without investing a dime.

  • A Newbie Friendly Gateway

    A Newbie Friendly Gateway

    Start your crypto journey with CTT, regardless of your familiarity with the crypto space.

  • Varied Redemption Options

    Varied Redemption Options

    Redeem CTT for shopping or discounts with our expanding merchant network.

  • Trade CTT

    Trade CTT

    Get ready to trade CTT on global crypto exchanges upon listing.

  • Seamless Conversion

    Seamless Conversion

    Convert Cashtree Poin to CTT easily within the app.

  • Experience the Crypto World

    Experience the Crypto World

    Use your CTT to trade for other cryptos or invest in exciting NFTs.

  • Reward Boost

    Reward Boost

    Increase your reward earnings with the launch of our new Boost feature.

  • Crypto Education

    Crypto Education

    Get insights and tips on the crypto world with our in-app educational content.